Wednesday, December 26, 2012

have I reached my hapiness?

assalamualaikum guys. its been awhile since my last post blaa blaa blaa. ahh i dont give a fuck about those crappy things so lets proceed to what im gonna tell you soon. naah my life is getting better ahead and Alhamdulillah for it :) having family, bestfriends and the loved ones beside me really complete my whole life. i just can pray that will be last longer just like a actual fairytale story. 

stranger for once upon time and now being the most sweet boy-friend(not even an official boyfriend). we're not having any couple relationship but i guessed that will be a serious one though. i couldn't imagine how much i love him as my boy. i'm staying in Negeri Sembilan while he's staying in Perak. long distance relationship wouldn't make any barrier between us. i keep telling him "wehh aku sayang kau angat' so there's nothing to be worried when we live apart and i know him very well :)